Meeting Need at Christmas

This Christmas we plan to produce brand new, custom made, gift packages for those in our community who do not have a family, or support network around them. These are designed to compliment the amazing work of our local food bank, Nourish.

We have linked up with:

  • Local care homes to support the elderly
  • Supported lodgings for vulnerable young people and young parents (and their babies/toddlers)
  • Refugee children of families who have been settled in the Tunbridge Wells area

How to help

We would really love your help to make this possible. Our items come from two sources - an Amazon wishlist and a local artist who makes affirmation hangers. Please find below the links to our amazon wishlist and our paypal payment account to pay for the affirmation hangers.

In total we are fundraising for over £2,500 worth of items needed to produce these packs. Any items purchased through the wishlist will be automatically sent to our official ‘meeting need’ address, ready for volunteers to pack up and distribute. The payments for the affirmation hangers will be sent to the local artist for her to deliver to us in time for our deliveries.

Amazon Wishlist:

PayPal Link:

We have a wonderful opportunity to come together as a community to produce something that will make a significant difference to the way vulnerable adults and children in Tunbridge Wells experience Christmas this year.

Anything that you can contribute, however big or small will be very gratefully received. Thank you so much for your support.

About the gifts

For elderly members of our community the gifts will be placed in to Christmas boxes that will include:

  • Bed socks for ladies
  • Hankies for men
  • Handcream
  • Jumbo wordsearch and pen
  • Chocolate gingers

For young people staying in supported lodgings, young mums & teenagers, we will be making up bags to include:

  • Affirmation hangers
  • Beauty products for girls
  • Male grooming items for boys
  • Headphones
  • Mobile charging block
  • Luxury hot chocolate treat packs

For the young children in supported lodgings and refugee children we will be producing mini backpacks to include:

  • Cuddly Toy
  • Book
  • Fun stationery
  • Muslins
  • Edible treats

Amazon Wishlist


We will need all orders by Friday 7th December so that we can pack and distribute the packages on Monday 17th December in time for Christmas. If anyone would like to help with packing, please contact us at

A bit of background to ‘Meeting Need’

‘Meeting Need’ was set up in August 2015 when a few people in our local community wanted to do something practical to support the refugees in the Calais camp. Very quickly this group grew and we started running monthly trips to the Calais refugee camp with a mini bus full of volunteers and a trailer full of brand new items bought every month through an Amazon Wishlist. The support was amazing and most months we had £2-3,000 worth of goods donated. In November 2016 we slowed down the trips to Calais to concentrate on setting up a centre in Tunbridge Wells for unaccompanied refugee minors who have been settled in Kent (see video below). Having seen the impact this had on these young people, the Meeting Need community decided to use their efforts to help those in need here in Tunbridge Wells - with particular focus on the elderly, homeless, unaccompanied refugee children and families struggling financially.

Meeting Need, Calais from Prospect Arts on Vimeo.


For more information please contact us at: